ROUNDUP: SB9 Still Pending, Budget Report Includes Driver’s License Restrictions

The bills to ban mythical “sanctuary cities” in Texas were the subject of rumors and back-and-forth dealing Monday.

Late Sunday night, a Tweet said that the “sanctuary cities” proposals were “all but dead.”

Then came Monday morning. First, a 9 a.m. committee vote on the proposals was canceled last minute. The reason? Some Republicans on the committee were still traveling from their districts. Rep. Burt Solomons promised SB9 or HB9 would pass by the end of the day. Chairman of the committee, Rep. Byron Cook said that was “not looking very unlikely.” And all that was before lunch.

Then, the rescheduling of the meeting never happened. All eyes turned to SB1, the budget.

Rumors were swirling over the weekend that some Republican lawmakers were trying to get SB9 added on to the must-pass budget bill.

Quorum Report reported that Lege presses had to be stopped so the conference committee’s version of the budget would not include any redacted “sanctuary city “or S-Comm language. The move delayed printing for a few hours. QR reports that only the harsh new driver’s license restrictions made it onto SB1.

The House and Senate are likely to hear the budget tomorrow.

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