Williams Rolls Arizona-Style Profiling, S-Comm and Driver’s License Rules Into New SB9

Sen. Tommy Williams of the Woodlands has taken advantage of the special session to take advantage of immigrants in Texas.

Williams has rolled the old HB12 and SB9 into a new and not-improved SB9.

The new SB9 includes the same misguided Arizona-style provisions that are strongly opposed by the police chiefs and sheriffs of our great state and now includes S-Comm (under federal investigation) and driver’s license restrictions (to keep IDs away from even “legal” residents).

The Texas Tribune reports:

SB 9 would eliminate state grants for entities that prohibit local law enforcement from inquiring into the immigration status of persons lawfully detained or arrested (commonly referred to as the “sanctuary cities” legislation). State Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, filed HB 9, the House special-session version of his “sanctuary cities” bill, HB 12, on Wednesday.

Williams’ bill also mandates that law enforcement officers verify through the federal Secure Communities program the immigration status of a person arrested and transported to a detention center. The third provision of the bill requires that the Department of Public Safety index the citizenship status of each person with a driver’s license or ID, and requires that applicants for a license or ID, unless they have already done so, to furnish to the department proof of citizenship or legal status.”

The Trib also reports that Williams is upset that we all keep calling this what it is – anti-immigration legislation. He says his crusade is really about security and public safety.

If that’s the case, why don’t the people we trust on public safety agree with him?

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