Top Immigration Stories of the Week

TOP STORY: Immigration Policy at Issue in Democratic Primary for Sheriff in Travis County
In Travis County, which many consider the liberal hub of Texas, the controversial immigration-enforcement S-Comm policy is at the forefront of the sheriff’s race.

GOP Hispanic Outreach Announcement Gets Derailed by Immigration
Frustrated by the reporters dogged focus on the immigration issue, RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán said “As a candidate, to my understanding, [Mitt Romney] is still deciding what his position on immigration is.”

Feds to launch Secure Communities program in Mass.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security notified state officials Tuesday that despite the objections of Gov. Deval Patrick and immigration activists, they plan to launch S-Comm in the state.

U.S. Justice Dept. files civil rights suit against Arpaio

Federal authorities sued the Arizona sheriff Thursday, a rare step after months of negotiations failed to yield an agreement to settle allegations that his department racially profiled Latinos in his trademark immigration patrols. The U.S. Department of Justice officials said the agency filed a lawsuit only once before in the 18-year history of its police reform work.

SPORTS: Immigration Smackdown: Pro Wrestlers Hit on a Hot-Button Issue
With an audience that’s overwhelmingly Latino, “RJ Brewer” plays the bad guy (or “heel” in wrestling vernacular) and he’s arguably one of the best in the business today. Boos, insults — in both English and Spanish — and sometimes even food or drinks rain down on Brewer as he enters the ring. For a guy who’s paid to be hated, he’s certainly good at his job.

OPINION: Mere Tinkering With a Bad Program
This is the problem with “discretion” and S-Comm — as long as the government outsources the initial decision on whom to stop and pull over to local police officers, many of them poorly trained and supervised, the danger of harassment continues. Trust is eroded in immigrant communities when people are too fearful to report crimes and cooperate with the police. That flaw is not going to be fixed by tweaking the detention policy.

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